Hardwood Flooring Products

photo02Wood floors are not only beautiful, but also add real value to your home. The contemporary look of wood floors says your entire home is built with superior materials. Did you know that homes with wood floors sell faster, and for a higher price?

Schumacher and Co. specializes in giving your family a healthy environment. Wood floors keep your home cleaner and won’t aggravate allergies or asthma.

Unfinished Flooring 
If you’re building a new home, Schumacher & Co. knows you want everything to fit your dreams.

Need an exact color match? No problem! Matching colors is much easier since your choice of stains isn’t limited by the manufacturer. Our designers are only limited by your imagination.

Pre-finished Flooring 
Top quality prefinished floors bring the warm inviting richness of wood to your home. Schumacher & Co. carries a wide array of options from many unique sources. Our products have been specially selected to provide spectacular aesthetic and physical characteristics found nowhere else in this area.

Solid Wood Flooring
Only the best hardwoods from America and Canada go into our solid wood floors. You’ll find maple, hickory, red and white oak, ash and cherry woods all available. Solid wood floors really are solid – ¾ inch thick! The entire floor is one piece of wood. You’ll be able to recoat and refinish a solid wood floor several times over its life. Installation must be made over approved wooden sub-floors above grade, because solid wood floors are more sensitive to moisture. All solid wood floors must be nailed down.

Engineered Flooring
When several hardwood layers are laminated together, this forms an engineered wood floor. You can use these anywhere in your home. Shifts in humidity, which can be a concern with solid floors, are less of an issue since the layering of wood in an engineered floor reduces any expansion or contraction of the planks. Schumacher & Co. can install this type of floor over almost any type of sub floor, and the floor may be floated, stapled, or glued down. Look for engineered wood floors in exotic woods or American hardwoods, and in a wide range of colors and thicknesses.

Custom Flooring
The possibilities are endless. Dramatic inlays, elegant borders, and tasteful patterns can put a personal touch on your new wood floor. The CAD designers at Schumacher & Co. are there to help make your space unique.

Exotic Wood Species
The dazzling looks of exotic hardwoods make a stunning addition to any home. Schumacher & Co. reaches around the world to bring you the kinds of stunning surfaces that will add your personal touch.

Natural Flooring
Schumacher makes it easy to “go green”. Our collection of natural flooring products comes from sustainable and renewable resources. The rich, one-of-a-kind grain patterns of cork and bamboo flooring make an alluring alternative to traditional hardwood floors. For playrooms or workout rooms, natural rubber floors are an excellent choice. Or choose the exotic look of leather. All of our natural products are durable and easy to maintain.

Additional Flooring
As part of the KW Flooring family, Schumacher & Co. has a strategic industry partnership with Carpet One. We are now able to provide our customers a full line of flooring products.

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