Refinish Existing Flooring 
Revitalize your existing floors with a fresh look with changes in stain color and finish to make your old floors look brand new. Schumacher & Co. can use a unique dust containment system that will leave only a slight amount of dust when the process is complete. Schumacher & Co offers the latest technology in low-VOC floor finishing, which is better for indoor air quality.

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Because at least two separate applications of polyurethane finish are used, with a 24-hour drying time between each one, we require a minimum of five days for refinishing. After completion, limit traffic to sock feet for an additional day. Please wait at least two weeks before placing rugs on the newly refinished.

Custom Flooring

  • Custom Stain Color Development – Schumacher & Co uses a variety of stain suppliers, giving us unrivaled capabilities in stain selections and color development. 
  • Patterns – Many patterns and border options are available to create a unique look for your room, including custom inlays, herringbone or basket weave patterns, custom borders to frame your room, and more. 
  • Stair Treads & Moldings – Schumacher & Co’s commitment to quality includes custom-made stair treads and moldings to create the perfect finished look for your project.
  • Exotic Species – With contacts across the country and world, Schumacher & Co can help procure exotic hardwoods to make your space dazzle.

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Historic Preservation 
Working with historic homes and buildings requires the proper expertise, Schumacher & Co specializes in working within these spaces, including sourcing the correct hardwood to best match the historic wood. If needed and available, we can carefully transplant and reuse existing wood flooring from other places in the home to maintain the most consistent look to these buildings.

Quality Control
Customer service is our hallmark. Our installation and refinishing teams are fully insured and we stand behind our work. If you’ve been to the Cincinnati Art Museum, Aronoff Center, Newport On The Levee, or Hofbrauhaus Newport, you’ve seen our quality work.